"Being Internet savvy allows this generation to be extremely efficient at finding information and sifting through it quickly, while also being critical of information sources." www.allbusiness.com

At the moment, my classmates and me are presenting our skills and knowledge during an exhibition. This exhibition, called "i-generation", is shown at the Medienkunstlabor Graz.
The six installation deal with new communications setups, interfaces and interactions. A closer look an the "I" inside the virtual world.

The vernissage was very crowded, just awesome! Today, we will close the exhibition with an even bigger finissage, lecture and DJs included. See more


LBC in action

As a possible version for my portfolio's "under redesign"-note.


Little Bloody Crumblings

Dealing with the redesign of my online portfolio (well, it's about time), I'm proud to introduce new characters. Little Bloody Crumblings. So far, it's just rough characters, I managed to scribble down.

It'll be a group of three:
* The vampire bat: peculiar and restless
* The bloodhunt: overwhelming and brave
* And the nightowl: nerdy and suspicious

They hunt for treachery with a lust for blood.